Colourflame candles
Main ingredients: ethylene glycol, glycerol, cloride, octadecyl
alcohol, oleic acid and distilled water.

Using guide
Unscrew the lamp chimney and light.
It may take approximately 2 to 5 minutes to achieve its true color.
When finished blow out the flame and recap to protect
the wick, keep damped.
Owing to the wick is too hard to relight it; You must try more
times when you want to relight the wick.
Candles can not only bring brilliance to people, but
also becomes a kind of luxury goods to make the beautiful
settings. In current market, the flame of candle is yellow.
Here we introduce you a new kind of liquid candle "coloured
flame candle". This kind of candle is full of dreamy colour,
which is romantically blue, passion red, fired yellow, youthful
green and mysterious purple. The beautiful colour gives
brand-new mission to the candle, which is to brighten people's
deep heart and stands for harmless, bright, friendship and

Keep out of the reach of children, pets and inflammable objects.
Never leave a lighted candle unattended.
If spattered on the skin, wash with clean water.
If spattered on the clothes and furniture, wash with clean water.
If ingested, seek professional assistance immediately.
For the safety, never to refill the bottle when using.
Put different colored oil into different container. Do not mix with each other.

On the day of jubilation, on the day of revelry,
everybody hopes to place himself in a colourful
environment. What a pity that the flickering candles
light can only cast mottled shadow! Now here comes
the liquid colour candle, which presents you a world
in riotous profusion. With its unique prescription
and advanced tech it can, according to your imagination,
make an elegant, romantic and fragrant atmosphere in
various vessels and different environments. It will not
give off black smoke, and there is no risk of spontaneous
combustion. After using, it won't leave any fluid to stain
the tabletop. Compared to the traditional art candle, the
liquid candle is more competent to keep up with the current
environmental protection trend. Moreover, the liquid colour
candle has the feature that it can be added at will in the
vessel, which makes it less expensive than, the normal candle.
Therefore it is an ideal substitution for the traditional candle.
To refill (Optional)

Blow out the flame and wait several
minutes for the wick to cool down.
Remove the wick and glass tube (take
care not to pollute the wick, or it will
affect the flame color).
Unscrew the cap of the refill bottle
(remove the rubber on
the inside) and put corresponding oil into
the lamp by squeezing it thru the nozzle.
Replace the wick and tube. Be sure to
cap and invert the bottle for 3 to 5 minutes
before re-lighting. This allows the wick to
re-saturate itself with the liquid.
Trimming off ashes on the wick, which may
have accumulated during burning.
When the length of the wick becomes short
than the glass tube replace it
. The lamp can only use our own wick. Follow
step four to re-saturate the wick.
Feature and main ingredients

Non-toxic, smokeless, odorless. Can dispel foul odor.
Highest burning point (85 C), not easy to fire when overturn.
Flame is soft and without glare.
When the lamp wick is burning, it does not produce carbon nonoxide.
The lamp oil belongs to organic substance that is easy to dissolve.
It can be washed with water.
This product has five kinds of colour : red, green, purple, blue and yellow.