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Intelli Trek Model   Unit     IT-15SL  
Structure weight   Without rotavator   Kg 363
  With rotavator   468
Working weight(With rotavator) Kg 508
Turning speed of rototilling shaft rpm 188/300
Overall dimensions (LWH) mm    26809601250   
Number of blades PCS 18
Rototilling width mm 600
Type of tractor   Single axle, dual-purpose for both traction & drive  
Travelling speed Forward Km/h 1.4, 2.5, 4.1, 5.3, 9.4, 15.3
Reverse 1.1, 3.8
Tyre Size 6.00-12
Wheel track mm 800, 740, 640, 580(normally use 800)
Min. Ground clearance mm 185
Min. Turning radius m 0.9(with no rotavator)
Model of engine S1100A2N
Type of engine Horizontal 4-stroke
Bore stroke mm 100115
Total displacement L 0.903
Compression ratio 19.5:1
Turing speed of crankshaft rpm 2000
1-hour rated output kW/hp 10.50/14.30
12-hour rated output kW/hp 9.8/13.33
Specific fuel consumption g/kW.h 257
Specific lube oil consumption g/kW.h <= 2.04
Cooling mode Radiotor
Main farm implements (optional) (1)Anti-skid steel wheel Model 100-640
(2)Anti-skid steel wheel Model 100-640N
(3)Double-furrow plough Model 1LS-220
(4)Disk plough Model 1LS-220Y
(5)Power driven disk plough Model 1LYQ-320
(6)Sprinkler Model 8Y-80
(7)Reaper Model 4GL-120
(8)Cultivator drill Model 2BG-6A
(9)Trailer 7C-1.5(Standard)
(10)Trailer 7C-1.5BH(Hydraulic dumping)